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The Grown Forward Project is committed to establishing sustainable forestry practices to combat the market conditions that contribute to the endangerment of the most sought-after tree species.

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Saving Endangered Trees

The Grown Forward Project is the only not-for-profit that specializes in planting endangered species, including Rosewood, Cocobolo, Sandalwood, Ebony and others as defined by CITES. Grown Forward is dedicated to combating illegal harvesting and helping regenerate endangered species.

Our Programs

Data Driven Research

We will collect, track and analyze growth data on all of our trees in order to obtain a scientific account of their attributes. This information will be vital for other organizations to continue growing these trees at other locations around the world with ideal conditions for their maturity and health.

How We Work

Economic and Cultural Value

Listen to our recent podcast where our experts discuss how exotic woods and endangered species are significant from a cultural and economic perspective, as well as ecological.

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Supply and Demand

As the demand for these species continues to rise they get closer to extinction.






Achieving Sustainability

The reason these species are endangered is because there has been an overharvesting, both legal and illegal and there has been almost no effort to replant them at a scale required to make up for that. Many woods such as cocobolo and ebony are used in high end furniture and musical instruments. As demand rises for these woods, they get closer to extinction. Our research plantations will help ease the burden on natural forests and hopefully over time form the basis of long term sustainable supplies.

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Your Support Will Help To Ensure The Future

Money doesn't grow on trees, but our trees can grow on your money. We need funding to set up our research plantations, to purchase the necessary seedlings and have a data collection site. We will initially need $100,000 to jump start our project. Ideally we hope to raise at least $10 million over a 6 year period.

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