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Our History

An overview of our team's experience

Our History

Grown Forward is a new company but the founders and other people involved have a long history in lumber and wood related industries. With experience in processing wood, harvesting timber and working in tropical locations we have seen first hand the developing problem and the lack of solutions coming from the industry that helped create the issue. Working in countries where we have experience and contacts and that have endangered tree species is the obvious place to start.

Measuring the circumference of a 12 year old Cocobolo tree

Working with Pre-established Relationships

Our first plantation will be located on a property where cocobolo already grows. The land owner has an existing plantation and we have an existing long term relationship with him. We are dedicated to finding solutions to a growing crisis with these species that includes working with the companies that currently harvest and sell or use these species so that we can understand their position and also come up with practical solutions. These practical solutions include increased enforcement of existing regulations, more protection of existing trees, less harvesting and much more planting and studying of these species.