Our First Plantation!

We are pleased to announce that we have a rough agreement for our first plantation location.

This will be the first of 10 different research plantations and eco resorts.

October, 2019

Pretty easy deal to make, it is with my former business partner in Nicaragua, Francisco Lemus. He has a 550 hectare property that has an existing 15 hectare plantation of teak, African mahogany eucalyptus and some native species like Spanish Cedar that he planted 12 years ago. There are about 400 hectares of abandoned farmland that would make a great reclamation project, and there is still some native cocobolo growing on the property. The Grown Forward plantation will be 10 hectares to start, hopefully expanding to 40 hectares over the next 3 or 4 years. The remaining 360 hectares will be available for a commercial plantation.

Our initial fund raising will concentrate on this project, with a goal of at least $100,000 raised by March of 2020 so that we can start the 25,000 seedlings that we will plant in July and August. It is critical to plant at that time during rainy season to give the seedlings the best chance to survive.

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