Membership Rewards Program

Grown Forward will plant cocobolo trees and other valuable species at the La Legacion plantation in Nicaragua for members. Members support our research and we do not need to own the trees to do the research. Therefore we can plant trees for members that we can study until they are mature, at which point the member can have them harvested and shipped to the destination of their choice. Or we can help the member sell the wood for them through associated member lumber companies. As a registered plantation, the harvesting and export of the lumber will fully comply with CITES regulations.

We will also be able to plant trees such as Honduras Rosewood (dalbergia stevensonii) , Spanish Cedar (cedrela odorata and cedrela fissilis), macawood (platymiscium pinnatum), Granadillo (dalbergia tucerensis), genuine mahogany (swietenia macrophylla), lignum vitae (guaiacum spp), tropical walnut (juglans olanchana), bocote (cordia gerascanthus) and zircote (cordia dodecandra) as they grow naturally in Central America. Species that are exotic to that region will first require government permission and those seeds will also be harder to acquire. We will make those species available as we receive permission and acquire good seed stock.

Minimum $1000 dollar contribution, with 1 tree planted per $10 contribution. Or 100 trees for $100/month for a year. This is a limited time offer as once we have enough trees planted for our research we will not continue this planting program for members. Other future locations will have higher prices due to higher cost structures.

The cocobolo plantation will have a 40 year life cycle. That means we will plan to do a final harvest at 40 years. There will be one small harvest at 20 years and one at 30 years.

Trees can be sold at any time, Grown Forward will charge a 5% sale fee and will also have a registry of all owners and any parcels for sale. Tree owners may transfer ownership themselves (eg: spouse, child, friend, etc) for a basic $50 registration fee. As we will stop this planting program in about 6 years, the existing trees will have an increased demand and value.

Grown Forward will operate a sawmill and kiln at the plantation and will offer delivery service to US and Canada when trees are harvested. Pricing to saw and kiln dry will be according to standard prices in the industry. Each owner will be allowed to visit the site and give instructions on how to cut his trees when they are harvested. Logs will be end coated with unique colour for each owner when sawing so they can be properly inventoried.

Each section of trees will be registered to owners, with GPS and drone pictures issued on a yearly basis.
Based on data from CATIE in Costa Rica, we should have a growth rate of 9 m3 per hectare per year. We will plant 2500 trees per hectare, so at 40 years each 100 tree parcel should be about 14.4 m3. There are 424 bd ft per m3, but the net yield after sawing will be about 250 bd ft per m3, for a total of about 3600 bd ft. If you wish to sell this wood, the wholesale value is about ½ of the retail price and Grown Forward will offer this service. Harvesting at years 20 and 30 will probably be about 2 m3 each. The quality at years 20 and 30 will be less than year 40, mainly a difference with amount of sapwood. This thinning is important to allow the other trees to grow bigger as there is a growth limit that is better utilized in fewer mature trees. The final harvest will probably be 15 to 20 trees. These final trees will equal about half a full container