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Grown Forward is a new company. We currently have no support from the lumber industry for our project. Larger companies will probably want to wait until we have some baseline accomplishments before they are willing to participate. We have no wealthy donors to fund our start up, although they are most welcome. Our first year will be difficult and our first few months will be a struggle. It is critical for us to be able to start our seedlings for our first plantation in March of 2020. To accomplish that, we will need to raise $100,000 by then in order to have enough money to get the seeds, establish the nursery and prepare the land for planting in the summer.

This is the first project of its kind in the entire world and even though we are experienced in tropical forestry and have the contacts to do the project easier than most it will still be a huge challenge. Which we welcome, nothing worthwhile is easy. But to get us off the ground we require people like you who can donate $25, $50, $100 or more. If you want to see rosewood and ebony available for your children and their children to be able to use and enjoy, then we have to start planting these now or the species will become completely unaffordable or extinct. And for those who think that $50-$100 bd ft for cocobolo and ebony is expensive (which it is), there are several rosewoods that cost over $3000 bd ft. If we do nothing then the $50-100 bd ft wood s will be priced in the $1000’s in the near future.

Planting today can keep these species available and affordable. If you don’t use the wood yourself, but can enjoy beautiful music, then remember that these species are vital to creating the sounds of many musical instruments also. Our generation and the ones before us took these species from the rainforests and did not do it in a sustainable manner, we owe something to the future. Help us give back and grow forward.

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