What We Do

Our Documentary Series

Our upcoming documentary series on collecting seeds from endangered species.

We are planning a series of documentary films where we travel to where endangered species grow naturally and we collect seeds from them and learn more about the trees and the people who live there.

Bringing More Awareness

Documentaries are an incredible way to deliver an educating yet fascinating look of something to many people. It is our hope that our videos will give many people the insight and awareness needed to help combat illegal harvesting and promote more responsible plantation methods.


For our first documentary film we plan on visiting Guatemala to search for seeds of one of the rarest genetic strains of endangered tree species in the world: Quilted Mahogany.

Looking For Help

We are looking for executive producers to help us with our documentary series. This exciting project needs support from people with experience in filmmaking and distribution. We are also hoping that our contacts in the music industry can help us with some special guest stars to headline the series and bring their special brand of performance to a new field.