Where We Work

An overview of our development goals across the Caribbean and Central America

Our exotic and endangered tree species grow best within the environmental conditions of Latin America

The countries of Central America provide the ideal conditions for growing endangered species such as Cocobolo and Mahogany. These woods grow best with the soil type, fertility, rainfall and altitude found in places such as Nicaragua, Haiti, Guatemala and many more.



Our first endangered tree plantation will be located in the tropical country of Nicaragua.

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Ecco Retreat


In the near future we plan to have a plantation in the tropical country of Trinidad to help encourage more diverse reforestation efforts.

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St. Vincent

The country of St. Vincent is an excellent place to set up an endangered tree plantation thanks to its ideal location beneath the hurricane belt.

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Possible Future Locations

We have many contacts across Central America who are interested in helping us develop plantations. Jamaica, Haiti, Curaçao, Grenada, Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Barbados are the regions we hope to do work for in the near future.