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Our first endangered species research plantation

Giving back to one of the tropical countries where many of our endangered species are from.

Nicaragua is home to various endangered trees including Cocobolo, Mahogany and Granadillo. We have chosen to build our first plantation here as it provides ideal growing conditions for these species, and because we have well established connections and experience with tree planting in this country.

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We need your help saving the endangered trees of the world. Please feel free to donate to our cause, or explore more info on these issues.

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Effectively planting trees can be a complex situation. To hear more about the details of our project, feel free to check out the first episode of the Grown Forward Podcast.

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La Legación

La Legación (Spanish for "The Legation") is a 550 hectare farm where our Nicaraguan plantation will be placed. This region possesses the soil fertility and climate conditions necessary for properly growing a variety of endangered species such as Cocobolo and Bocote.